how to use

Please wash the scarf under running water before using for the first time.
When soaking in water for the first time, a little polymer particles might be seen at stitches or fabric surface might be slimy.

These phenomena are caused by polymer powder inside which was stuck to sewing machine needle and taken out to fabric surface when being sewn.

It will become less as you use a few times.
1. Soak in water for 3-5 minutes to swell.
2. Remove extra dripping water lightly with dry towel.
3. Wear it around neck and fasten at your comfortable length with safe ring.
4. If the cool summer scarf becomes lukewarm during use, soak lightly in water again.
5. After use, wash it by hand under water or tepid water.
6. Drain softly on towel and dry in well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight.


Always activate with tap water.Never use sea water or water including chlorine.
Do not freeze the scarf. It might cause damage.
Do not fasten tight, squeeze or press with strong force.
Do not use washing machine. Please wash by hand under water.
Never use detergent. Polymer sheet absorbs detergent and causes skin problems.
In wet condition, keep away from hot and humid place.

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